Ben’s Palette

My Palette

En Plein Air Palette
Above: My En Plein Air Palette

When painting outdoors the palette I choose changes depending on the subject I am painting. Factors such as the weather, subject matter and the emotion I want to convey all influence my decision of the colours I choose to use on the day, however I have the colours available from my en plein air colour list, in my pochard box.

Loosely this palette consist of a warm and cool of red, yellow and blue plus some earths.

A few suggestions from Ben

• Place your colour families in the same place on your palette (as for your studio palette)
• Find a system that works for you and keep that system
• Cull your colours down to no more than eight – ten tubes of paint (less is better)
• Consider working with a limited palette eg. three colours
• Squeeze out plenty of paint
• Make sure all your equipment is ready to go before starting , including a stable easel

Ben’s Studio Palette

Below: this illustration shows an example of the where Ben places each colour family to keep a tidy and functional working palette

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Caroline Lewallen
Caroline Lewallen
1 year ago

Thanks for this palette info. I love and use it a lot to organise my paints.

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