Drawing Papers

Recommended Drawing Papers

Archival quality / Museum Grade Quality Papers:
If an artist is going to invest time and heart into creating a piece of art, a quality paper
is desirable and often an ‘Archival Quality’ paper is selected. Paper made from 100%
cotton is archival quality as it does not contain acids that accelerate the deterioration
of the paper and hence the art work. This where the term ‘acid free’ comes from.
Cotton rag paper can last 500 years or more.
A cellulose paper can be acid free depending on how it is made (the acid pulp will be
removed) but it will not be as durable as a paper containing cotton.
Acids in or on paper will (over time) cause the paper to become brittle, yellowed and
cause holes or an ‘eaten away appearance’. Taking care with the storage, handling
and display of the art work will increase the longevity of the paper. The handling and
exposure of paper to light are other considerations in the conservation of art work.
Suggested Papers for Drawing:

  1. Somerset Satin Paper 250gsm:
    Made at the St Cuthbert’s Mill in England. A high quality 100% Cotton, mould made,
    paper. Somerset Paper is archival quality as it is ph neutral, acid free and chlorine free.
    It has a gentle texture and four deckle edges. Although it has been developed for
    printmaking it can be used for drawing in pencil, charcoal and more. This beautiful
    paper is available in a velvet or satin texture in a choice of two weights 250 gsm or 300
    Colours: Radiant white, white, soft white, buff, antique, news print grey
    1 Ben Winspear Art
  2. Stonehenge 250gsm
    Stonehenge paper was originally made for printmaking, but it has become very
    popular as a drawing paper. It has a flawless vellum surface and is soft and
    smooth. It is 100% cotton and is acid-free, containing a calcium carbonate buffer
    to protect from environmental contaminants.
    Available in black, cream, grey, natural, polar white, warm white and more
  3. Dutch Etching 250gsm
    Milled by the Schut paper mill in Holland, this 100% rag paper is pH neutral. It
    has a heavier feel and is soft and smooth making it a pleasure to draw on.
  4. Japon Paper
    Made in Holland. It is made from cellulose (no cotton) and is a less expensive paper,
    popular for printing as it is quick to absorb inks etc. Can be used for dry media
    drawing due to the soft smooth feel of the paper. Available in single sheets
    48 x 64 cm (half sheet). Weight is 225 gsm. A good paper for a sensitive pencil drawing.
  5. Fabriano Tiziano Pastel Paper
    This paper is up to 40% cotton and cellulose, acid free and ofers 39 beautiful colours
    for the artist to choose from. The weight of the paper is 160 gsm (medium weight card
    The paper surface is sized which gives the paper good lifting quality and high lightfast
    colours which last over time. Texture will suit some drawing techniques.
    Available in single sheets 50 x 65 cm or there is a variety of A4 and A3 pads.

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