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Welcome to my 2023 Mentorship Course. Having covered the fundamentals of drawing and painting in the two previous courses, in this Mentorship Course I aim to guide students to consolidate and practice their acquired skills while working on their own self directed projects.

This course serves to bridge the gap between an instructional based painting course and an artist working with their own arts practice. Although primarily an oil painting course those alredy working in pastel are well catered for.

In this course students can look forward to:
Individualised Exercises
Targeted Homework Assignments
Gentle Challenging Critiques and Questions that Promote Advanced Concepts

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A commitment from the student is required to get the most from this course that delivers solid learning around the following core subjects:

  • The Chiaroscuro technique 
  • Understanding tone and its importance in painting 
  • Bargue Plates and creating a successful drawing 
  • Composition and Notan
  • Mastercopy in black and white and in colour
  • Exploration of Colour theory and practice 
  • Figure Painting
  • Learning from the masters in a Gallery environment (NGV) 

Although this course is run using zoom there will be opportunities throughout the year to get together for paint outs, retreats, dinners and other activities. There is an introductory 2 hour session in which I will cover the basics and then we get down to business with the good stuff!  

View the course outline and time line on the links below.

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