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  1. Photos of paintings from retreat. Pls read my review previously posted.

    Image #1 from Katrina Pullin
    Image #2 from Katrina Pullin
    Image #3 from Katrina Pullin
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  2. Another amazing oil painting retreat with Ben Winspear at King Valley, Victoria, Australia. Ben is an extremely experienced and generous teacher, sharing his extensive knowledge with traditional oil painting craft. The location is heaven on earth, food is wholesome and delicious, accommodation basic but clean, hence the bargain low cost retreat. Being surrounded with supportive and encouraging fellow artists is also a highlight of this retreat.

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  3. The valley is beautiful, we painted all day long, the company was great (I arrived knowing no one), we were fed hearty plentiful meals and we received so much wisdom from Ben. Ben took us to all sorts of gorgeous painting spots- rivers, lakes, mountains, and cow filled fields . I am a beginner at oils and a beginner at plein-air but that didn’t matter- being surrounded by so many talented artists was wonderful and inspiring, and the general vibe was inclusivity and encouragement. The accomodation is basic and comfortable, and meals and discussions by the fireplace happened in the cosy camp hall.
    A great retreat, can’t wait to go again.

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  4. Ben is a thoughtful and patient teacher, and unstintingly generous in sharing his knowledge and experience. He helped make it such an enriching experience to be part of this group retreat. A great setting and environment. The pre-breakfast quick painting sessions were excellent at getting your hand and eye in, and materials ready without fiddling and procrastinating!!

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  5. I was totally immersed in painting during this retreat. Ben’s teaching was excellent, focussing on the basics so that you can build skills and grow in your own direction. We got up at dawn every day to go painting, sometimes being under pressure to finish something before breakfast produced surprising results. Ben’s energy and commitment to passing on sound techniques was infectious. I will be signing up again.

    Image #1 from Margaret Lacey
    Image #2 from Margaret Lacey
    Image #3 from Margaret Lacey
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  6. I have completed a number of terms in Ben’s ‘Elements of Portraiture’ class. Really enjoying the mix of having live models to paint and focusing on facial parts – noses, ears, etc.. I have loved the experience and will be back for more.

    Image #1 from Athenie Leckey
    Image #2 from Athenie Leckey
    Image #3 from Athenie Leckey
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  7. Ben is a tremendous teacher, his knowledge of art and its application is greatly appreciated as he endeavours to enlighten those around him. As a student of Ben my understanding of the principles in colour harmony, colour continuity and many other skills I have learnt with these classes have helped me as an artist on my journey of awareness.
    Highly recommend this class.

    Image #1 from Franciska Howard
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  8. Thank you Ben, a great day. So much knowledge. Looking forward to tomorrow. Cheers Janette

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  9. Informative. I learned a lot. Looking forward putting into practice now…
    Thanks Ben

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  10. Ben’s 2 day colour workshop was very worthwhile. Ben is able to explain colour theory and relate it to old classical masters, which I had not experienced before with other teachers. I gained a deeper understanding of how to mix colour and make neutral greys, and much more, and complimented by well designed practical exercises. Would love to continue as a student and attend one of the retreats. Thank you Ben!

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  11. Learnt a lot during the weekend Colour Workshop. The colour wheel introduction and then the continued referencing to it made this course so good. Highly recommend it!

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  12. In the short time I have been in Ben’s class I have been made aware of the importance of colour theory .
    It is opening my mind to the mixing and use of colours

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  13. Thanks Ben for the fantastic workshop. It marks the beginning in hopefully a correct attempt to use colour theory in my work. I will benefit from all the exercises taught over the weekend including colour wheels, rub outs, colour matching, neutral greys and colour harmonies. Thanks again Ben 😊

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  14. It was a fantastic workshop thanks Ben. It now marks the beginning in my attempts to apply colour theory to my work & the need to practice the exercises that we learnt over the weekend particularly colour wheels, rub outs, colour matching, neutral greys & colour harmonies. Thanks again Ben 😊

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  15. This was the 2nd colour workshop I’ve done with Ben. He lays out the theory and the exercises, in a clear and linear way. Mixing colour will not be so hit and miss from now on. Thanks, Ben

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  16. A great color theory workshop. I learnt so much and now find it easier to understand how to use color. There where so many essential skills taught that I couldn’t understand before the class.
    Thanks Ben!

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  17. Ben gave a well-structured, interactive colour workshop which covered all the essential aspects of colour in painting. It was a tour de force from an artist who teaches in the classical way and practices in the classical way. Well worth-while.

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  18. A wonderful Colour Theory workshop. Everything was explained so well. I also look forward to using my new skills. I will be looking at everything in a different way. Will certainly do further workshops with Ben and would love to attend one of his retreats. Thanks Ben.

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  19. Such an informative workshop, in depth knowledge imparted unlike anywhere else. I cant wait to use these new skills in my paintings. Thank you Ben

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  20. The price is fair and I had to think about committing to monetary part of the course but Ben’s experience and my deisre to improve on my art won out.

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